Enigma Man deal for Rai Italy and DR TV

Enigma Man deal for Rai Italy and DR TV


The worldwide appeal of Enigma Man – A Stone Age Mystery (1 x 57’ HD) goes from strength to strength, with the program clocking two more European sales to Rai Italy and DR TV. ABC Commercial has previously sold this compelling film to France (France Televisions), Ireland (RTE), Sweden (SVT) and Finland (YLE).

An Electric Pictures production, Enigma Man – A Stone Age Mystery raises and answers new questions about the human evolutionary story. The film follows a team of Australian and Chinese scientists as they investigate mysterious ancient human remains from a remote cave in South West China. Anatomically unique, could they represent a new human species? Enigma Man – A Stone Age Mystery unravels the mystery and travels back in time into a Stone Age world.

“With previous multiple sales in Europe, the DR TV and Rai Italy acquisitions of Enigma Man – A Stone Age Mystery mirrors the universal curiosity about evolution. The film is a piece in a puzzle about our beginnings and sheds light on the possible connection modern humans have with these ancient people.” said Tony Iffland, General Manager – Content Sales for ABC Commercial.

In December 2015, the Enigma Man scientists had their findings published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE. The academic article provided further confirmation that the Red Deer Cave People were a mysterious species of pre-modern human that lived among modern humans in China as recently as 14,000 years ago, underlining the scientific credibility of the series.

Enigma Man – A Stone Age Mystery is distributed internationally by ABC Commercial.

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