35 Serial Killers: The World Wants to Forget

DURATION: 13 x 60'

35 Serial Killers: The World Wants to Forget


The series looks deeply into the world of serial killers, from the most meticulous killer of modern times, Sacramento’s Dorothea Puente, to the owner of the ‘House of Horrors’.

There are the educated killers, like Dr Harold Shipman, who is thought to have killed nearly 300 people who were his patients and Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, who held a PhD in Mathematics. Londoner Dennis Nilsen, strangled his victims with a tie, In Finland sexual predator Stephen Thomas, used his bodily fluid to kill prostitutes by infecting them with AIDS.

‘35 Serial Killers the World Wants to Forget’ will use file vision, reenactments witness accounts, interviews with experts, friends, family, and people who just may have met them once, to create stories that investigate the mind and actions of serial killers.


Blizzard Road Productions