Catalyst (Series 18)

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Catalyst (Series 18)



Australia's flagship science documentary program Catalyst is back with a fresh new format to inspire audiences and showcase Australian and international stories that impact everyone.

In a golden age of scientific discovery, Catalyst takes viewers to the heart of the biggest science stories from around the world. With an exciting mix of science genres, stories are presented by top scientists and experts, chosen for their expertise and ability to communicate the discoveries in their fields.

The series is made up of hour-long programmes; each one looking at the latest science on single subjects from human health and medical breakthroughs to astronomy and technology.

Dive into the hunt for alien life beyond our solar system; investigate whether seaweed can help save the world; witness some of the extraordinary techniques used in operations to heal the human heart; and undertake a world-first experiment to understand how changing what’s in your gut can radically alter your life.

This is a series that will surprise, delight and inform in equal measure.


Aidan Laverty
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Awards / Reviews

Winner - Award for Scientific Merit - 2018 SCINEMA International Science Film Festival, for the program The Secret To Making Better Decisions