Come in Spinner

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DURATION: 4x55 mins, 2x110 mins

Come in Spinner


Sydney in 1944, the tide is turning in the Pacific War and American forces have made Sydney a gaudy, hectic garrison town. The gamblers and "good time charlies" converge on the South Pacific Hotel, one of Sydney's finest.

The heart of the hotel is the bustling beauty salon run by the cool professional Claire (Lisa Harrow) who hides a guilty secret; Deb (Kerry Armstrong) who has a pre-war marriage and a wartime alternative and Guinea (Rebecca Gibney) whose 'good war' is not what it seems.

Come in Spinner is the story of one week in their lives, as they play the game of chance for the highest stakes...survival, security and the opportunity for happiness and love.

Logie Award Winner 1991 - Most Outstanding Drama Series


Robert Marchand
Sandra Levy
Jan Chapman
Nick Enright, Lissa Benyon