Feral Peril

Available: 1 x 55 mins HD

Feral Peril



Tasmania is one of the world's last great wildlife havens but its struggling native species are under threat from a feral fox invasion. Or are they?

There's some nasty business going down in Australia's island state. A feral intruder is on the loose. He's cunning, deadly and a master of stealth, so expert at flying under the radar that some believe he doesn't even exist.

From the NFSA’s Film Australia Collection.

A Screen Australia and Magic Real Picture Company production in association with Screen Tasmania. Made in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A Screen Australia National Interest Program.

© 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and Screen Tasmania


Andrew Sully
Ian Walker, Penny Robins
Gina Tymble
Andrew Sully, Alex Barry, Ian Walker
Screen Tasmania, Screen Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation