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Itch is a 10-part series, TV adaptation of former BBC 2 Radio broadcaster Simon Mayo’s best-selling teen novel of the same name. The story begins with our hero, Itchingham Lofte – a science obsessed teenager who pursues an unusual and sometimes dangerous hobby of collecting all the elements on the Periodic Table. When he discovers a new element with extraordinary powers he is forced to go on the run to protect it from a sinister organisation who wants it for its own evil purpose.

Itch is a timely, unique and original story. It is a rollicking tale and compelling viewing for kids and adults alike. The universal themes of coming-of-age around growing pains, navigating the complexities of family life and finding one’s place in the world will resonate with international audiences. The series also features a tenacious, inventive and quick-thinking protagonist, and strong, intelligent, resourceful female characters, which are all highly relatable and with broad appeal across genders.

This high octane, fast paced, action adventure series is aimed at primary-to-early secondary school kids. As well as being about good and evil, science, nature and the environment, ‘Itch’ also champions intelligence, knowledge, courage, friendship, working together and growing up.

Itch is produced by Komixx Entertainment who are leading creators of young adult content, having produced the teen hit The Kissing Booth.


Renee WebsterNicholas Verso
Amanda MorrisonEd GlauserAndrew Cole-BulginMichael ShyjkaRobert Morrison
Amanda MorrisonTania ChambersMelanie Halsall
Dan Berlinka (Head Writer)Ron ElliottHeather WilsonJessica BrookmanRoger MonkMelanie Halsall
Komixx Entertainment