For the Juniors

Available: 24 x 15 mins

For the Juniors


How does the brain control the body? Why do boats float? How do you prevent the spread of germs in hospital? How big is the moon? Why do seasons change throughout the year?

Answers to these and many other questions are presented in For The Juniors, an award-winning series for children about tranSport, buildings, space, weather, the sea and the human body.

It aims to stimulate young children's curiosity and imagination and encourages them to explore and learn about the world around them. Series breakdown as follows:


This five-part series looks at the ways in which buildings are designed for specific purposes. Taking a technology perspective, each program identifies the reasons behind a building's design. Everything from the choice of materials to safety considerations and the need for designs to assist people with disabilities is taken into account. A young girl with a curious toy that comes to life and seeks answers to questions children might ask, features in four of the five programs.


These four programs introduce the human body and how it works, explores the senses and the role of the brain, the body in action from birth to old age and what we need to do to look after our body so we can grow and continue to function throughout our life.

SPACE 4 x 15'

This series of four programs takes a look at the fascinating world above us - space. With a focus on easily identifiable objects in the day and night sky, such as the sun, moon and stars, this series links the topic of "space" with the everyday experience of young children.

SEA, THE 4 x 15'

This series of four programs for lower primary science aims to increase an understanding and appreciation of various aspects of the sea. Different shorelines and depths of the sea are examined as places to have fun, as places to find food, and as places which support a great diversity of life that has adapted to the different environments.

TRANSport 3 x 15'

This three-part series explores the science and technology behind tranSport. Information is delivered through a lively, friendly rapport between the narrator and an inquisitive animated character. Each program features animations and simple experiments to help explain how a wide range of tranSport machines work. Children will see both familiar and unfamiliar vehicles and be encouraged to think about the choices they can make in the tranSport they use in their day to day lives.

WEATHER 4 x 15'

These four episodes look at the different weather conditions that occur through a year and how they affect our Lifestyle and Entertainments, bodies and behaviour. A young girl living on a farm and a young boy living in the suburbs relate ways in which they experience the changing seasons, from the clothes they wear to the activities they watch or participate in. The programs also examine how weather affects other living things, with an emphasis on how some plants and animals adapt to certain climatic conditions.


Robert Clark, Alan Hickey
An ABC Education Television Production