Myf Warhurst's Nice

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Myf Warhurst's Nice



Myf Warhurst’s Nice takes viewers on a cultural crusade to explore some of Myf’s favourite things from her youth in music, food, fashion, photography, art and design. It’s a show that embraces cultural icons of the past and takes a closer look at what moulds us and leaves an impression to make us what we are today - the stuff you'd find in your own living room rather than in a gallery or museum. It's a celebration of all the things that are just, well...‘nice’.

Over six themed episodes, Myf explores everything from the awkward family portrait to the humble dim sim, to questionable fashion choices and an unhealthy obsession with cheesy love duets.

Half-hour series


Aaron Smith
Kath EarleKevin Whyte
Susie Jones
Myf WarhurstSofija Stevanovich
That’s Nice Productions PL