Quickies in My Kitchen

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Quickies in My Kitchen



Hosted by cheeky, sassy, ex-rock'n'roll chick, Anna Gare (Junior Masterchef, Best in Australia), Quickies in My Kitchen is the perfect solution for busy people - working singles, couples and families who love great food and fun in the kitchen, but just don't have enough time. And she'll be doing it together with a weekly guest in her fun, funny, quirky, cheeky, sexy and irreverent way.

In Quickies in My Kitchen, Anna creates easy, delicious, cost-effective, quick meals that she loves to cook for her family and friends. In each episode, Anna invites celebrity guests into her kitchen, and over a coffee and a chat, they help Anna prepare one of her 'quickie' easy meals.

Plus, with Anna's help, each guest must also prepare one of their own 'quickie' recipes.


Carmelo Musca
Alun Bartsch, Marian Bartsch
Mago Films