Perth Comedy Festival- James Valentine

James Valentine
Sunday, April 29, 2018

Afternoons Tonight! with James Valentine 

Talk back radio. You won’t believe who calls ...

James Valentine exists in the grey fringes of your memory. He did ABC TV kids telly in the 80s, he was in the hit Australian band Models, and he’s been on some shockers of TV shows that even he can’t remember. But what he’s actually been up to for the last twenty years is talk radio on ABC Radio Sydney. After two decades on air, James’s Afternoons show is like no other.  It’s funny, but not just because he’s funny - it’s his callers. They are hilarious. They're bizarre, and they tell him all the weird stuff that happens in their life.

Direct from Sydney Opera House, ABC’s James Valentine will share his best, worst and most intriguing callers from his Afternoons radio show, and then turn it over to you for a live session of talkback theatre that will bring out the strange, the wonderful and totally hilarious sitting right there in the room

“James makes me laugh so hard, that I do that barky laugh where people think you are unwell...#mustsee #mustbark ” – Julia Morris

Perth Comedy Festival 


Ticket price $45-$49.50 


Sunday 29th April, 5pm, State Theatre Centre of WA. 



Duration 70 mins, no interval