Australia - Nature & Environment

Drawing on the resources of its national news service and specialist rural program makers, the ABC offers a significant and exhilarating collection of material covering Australia's diverse and often extreme natural environment.

With worldwide attention on global warming and the changing environment, our collection has powerful material on alternate energy sources and technologies. We also hold extensive footage on topical events such as floods, cyclones, bushfires and droughts, plus in-depth coverage of the complete range of agricultural, mining and commercial activities.

The collection covers the land, the people who live from the land and, of course, the indigenous people of the land. Featuring some of the most dramatic and emotionally charged scenes in the ABC library, images from the collection have become the centrepiece of many local and global advertising campaigns and multi-media productions. The importance of "the land" in the development of this nation, has ensured that our environment and climate hold a unique place in the Australian psyche.

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