Countdown - 1974 - 1987

Countdown - ABC Music Program

The ABC is home to the Countdown Collection, with all those live performances, infamous interviews (think Prince Charles for one), video clips, along with out-takes and the odd controversial appearance, such as this infamous one featured, with Iggy Pop in 1979 (not to be missed). Countdown was a staple of Australian television viewing from 1974 - 1987, was hosted by the incredible and influential Molly Meldrum and made famous in Australia, all the International and Domestic music acts of the times. It is greatly loved and cherished by those who grew up in this era and it's archive of live performances, interviews etc. is unique in the world.

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Do yourself a favour ...Molly Meldrum

Countdown was the most successful and influential pop/rock music television program ever produced in Australia. Australian music programs had been early exponents of airing promotional film clips and Countdown refined this by including the very latest film clips available for broadcast, as well as in-studio performances. Countdown had attracted a large viewing audience by 1975, using the new medium of colour television to its full effect, with colourful sets and performers in garish costumes. In that same year, Ian 'Molly' Meldrum became a regular host for the series, with his 'Humdrum' segment an essential part of the show, leading to the famous Meldrum-derived catchphrase 'Do yourself a favour.' To read more ..

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