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From conservative beginnings Australia has opened up to embrace the world and develop into a vibrant, creative and confident multi-cultural society. And for over half a century, the ABC has been there, documenting this most rapid and extraordinary period of change.

The lifestyles, fashions, attitudes and cultural happenings - all have come under the scrutiny of the ABC cameras. Now you can access these virtual time capsules of taste, the flower power of the 60s, the flares of the 70s, the shoulder pads of the 80s - in all their retro glory.

How we lived, what we ate, where we worked, what we watched, where we relaxed and how we dressed on the days in between have all been meticulously recorded. See Australia party, then and now. Celebrate its enduring love affair with the Holden, rubber thongs and the Hills Hoist. Relive the highs, the lows, the successes, the failures and all the really funny embarrassing bits you were trying to forget. From the 50s on, there is no better collection of footage on the amazing and constantly changing face of Australia.

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