VIC Rail (Australia) Collection

VIC RAIL & VLINE COLLECTION (Victorian Railway Commission)

The Victorian Railways collection comprises 15 hours of rich B&W and colour archival footage exploring train travel throughout Australia from 1923 onwards. The collection takes us nationwide via travelogues filmed for prospective tourists who might want to take a trip inland, mountainous or to coastal regions.

• We see train travel how it used to be, circa 1920’s style with dining cars and waiter serving hot dinners to patrons.
• Travel to the Central Australia and watch a skilful technician “tapping the Overland Telegraph” line
• Watch bathers enjoy themselves in the sun and surf of Queensland’s Southport regions, including Burleigh as it was known then and Coolangatta.
• Central Queensland’s unique Bottle Tree is inspected
• We travel to Wonderful Warrnambool to enjoy an outing at the races and enjoy a reception by the Mayor at Hotel Mansions and Theatre.

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