For over 20 years, the ABC amassed the most extensive natural history stock-shot collection in the Southern Hemisphere. Award-winning cinematographers, producers and directors have ensured its significance, their work on Australian flora and fauna, along with the contrasting environments of Papua New Guinea and Antartica, receiving international acclaim.

This invaluable program material, plus thousands of feet of selected trims, has now been enhanced by the David Warth's Collection, see Represented Footage Collections, forming an unparalleled Natural History Collection covering creatures, organisms and oddities from all corners of the Earth.

As a continent, Australia is blessed with not only a diverse and spectacular range of wildlife, but also a number of unique animals that have long fascinated the world's experts. Some, such as the Platypus, are still as surprising as when they were first discovered. Others, like the Thylacine, are thought to be extinct and only exist on film. All are available through the ABC Library Sales - Footage/Audio/Stills.

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