Amazing House, The

The Amazing House is where four friends explore the sounds of letters be going on exciting adventures. Through entertainment, it teaches children about phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle (the sounds that letters and diagraphs make (e.g. sh and ch). Current research shows that these two skills go hand in hand with each other and are critical for a child to be able to read. This is why BOTH these aspects are covered in The Amazing House.
Join, Fi-Be, Mr Imp and Alex on an adventure about sounds and stories. Each 26 minute episode is ideal for children of all ages.
The Amazing House is based around the Carnine Order. The Carnine Order was developed by Douglas W. Carnine, who studied the most popular sounds in English and made an order to determine what sounds were most common and what sounds were least. The Amazing House not only focuses on alphabetic principle. It also focuses on phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear, manipulate, substitute, rhyme, segment and blend sounds in words. Phonemic awareness skills are critical building blocks for reading.
As you can see learning to read is really confusing. This is why The Amazing House is designed to be a useful tool for parents and teachers to entertain children whilst teaching them foundational reading skills.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

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26 x 26mins
Series Episode
Standard $495
Schools $330
Home $330

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