Crack Up (Opening Shot)

Mental illness is no laughing matter. But then again, sometimes it can be. Comedian David Granirer is a veteran stand-up comedian who teaches people with mental illness to transform their experiences into comedy gold.

As a person who has depression himself, David knows all too well the difficulties that sufferers face. His students will have to push through the stigma surrounding their personal battles and learn the art of turning painful memories into hilarious routines - and they only have 12 weeks to do it! Will they find the strength to see the humour in their experiences? And will it be funny to a broader audience? Crack Up follows 3 Aussie hopefuls as they embark on a journey which lifts the veil of shame surrounding this common disorder.

OPENING SHOT is an initiative between Screen Australian and ABC TV that gives voice to a new generation of filmmakers - with stories to match. Filmmaking teams, all with a director under 35 years, have been given the opportunity to create a prime time half hour film that not only develops their long form filmmaking skills but also fires an (opening) shot in to the national conversation about Australia today.

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Production Year: 
30 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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