Experimentals Volume 1

Bernie Hobbs and Ruben Meerman are the experiMENTALS! For these two dedicated scientists, no experiment is too big, too crazy or too inexpensive, to show you! The experiMENTALS tackle everything from outer space to dating tricks and the kitchen sink performing simple experiments with bits of paper and glue, balloons, glasses, eggs, and anything else they can find... exploding, demystifying and explaining everyday science along the way.
Exponential Growth
Have you heard that you can't fold a piece of paper more than 7 times? Well, but for big sheets of paper like we use in the show it's a BIG LIE!
Paper Tricks
There are heaps of great paper tricks, but nothing is weirder or simpler to make than a Moebius strip.
Break Glass with Sound
How can sound break a glass? Bernie and Ruben discover that when the vibrations from a sound hit a glass, they can make the glass vibrate.
Dating Tricks
They may not be lucky in love, but Ruben and Bernie sure know a thing or two about tricks that impress. And they use biology to prove it.
Giant Drop
Want to find what happens when you drop a watermelon and an apple from the top of a building? And who said physics was dull?
Animal Intellegence
Bernie and Ruben tested all sorts of animals to see if one kind of animal is smarter than another. Bernie's convinced that dogs are smarter than cats.
Bernie and Ruben discover that floating is an easy thing to do if you're a duck, or you're made of oil. But some things like stones can never float.
Tower of Terror
G-force is the force you feel whenever you speed up, slow down or turn a corner really quickly. Ruben and Bernie set out to measure G-force on the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld.

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8 x 5 mins
Series Episode
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