Experimentals Volume 2

Bernie Hobbs and Ruben Meerman are the experiMENTALS! For these two dedicated scientists, no experiment is too big, too crazy or too inexpensive, to show you! The experiMENTALS tackle everything from outer space to dating tricks and the kitchen sink performing simple experiments with bits of paper and glue, balloons, glasses, eggs, and anything else they can find... exploding, demystifying and explaining everyday science along the way.
Bubble Raiders Part 1
Can Bernie and Ruben pass the bubble-making test or will they become victims in the quest for the antibubble?
Bubble Raiders Part 2
Watch Bernie and Ruben try and make a square bubble - can they past this final test?
Christmas Eve
Magic wallets, Mexican jumping beans and Popper Rockets, there's plenty to love in this episode.
DIY Toys
Today we spend twice as long making something half as good at home, with DIY Science Toys.
Superhuman Tricks
Bernie & Ruben don't really have superhuman powers - but with some cheesy outfits and a few clever science tricks they really wow the crowd.
This is Your Theorem
In this episode we pay tribute to a great mathematician and party-trick extraordinaire in This Is Your Theorem.
Croc Hunter
Crikey - Ruben and Bernie go searching for balloons in the wild, and uncover some of these critters' amazing survival strategies.
Extreme Tricks
Ruben and Bernie take backyard explosions to the extreme, in Extreme Science!
Hot Air Balloon
See Bernie and Ruben go up, up and away - but not before proving that hot air definitely rises.
Name That Thing
Ruben and Bernie challenge the greatest minds in the universe to name that thing.

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8 x 5 mins
Series Episode
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