Experimentals Volume 3

Bernie Hobbs and Ruben Meerman are the experiMENTALS! For these two dedicated scientists, no experiment is too big, too crazy or too inexpensive, to show you! The experiMENTALS tackle everything from outer space to dating tricks and the kitchen sink performing simple experiments with bits of paper and glue, balloons, glasses, eggs, and anything else they can find... exploding, demystifying and explaining everyday science along the way.
Spaceship SFX
Can Bernie & Ruben travel faster than light to outrun some scary space invaders?
Mixy: A Star is Torn
Whip on those lab coats - Ruben & Bernie go all CSI to get to the bottom of the Great Mixy Fanmail Scam ... darn that Rabbit.
Bubble 07
Can Bubble 07 foil the evil OctoBernie's plans for world domination with nothing but some bicarb soda and his charm?
Renovation Rescue
Can science help Bernie & Ruben whip up a 30 storey sky-scraper for Shazza & Dazza before they get back from the footie? It's D.I.Y. with a D.I.fference.
Trick or Treat
It's Halloween - check out the spookiest science tricks you've ever seen.
Harry Potter
What do you get when you cross a mozzie bite with a magic wand and some dry ice? A nervous hairy potter and a cranky moldy wart.
Recycling Hippies
Can Planet Ark's Jon Dee help some familiar looking hippies sort out their recycling woes... or at least sing in tune?
Out of Work Magician
Magicians aren't much chop at everyday jobs, but they know a trick or two.
Reinventing the Wheel
It's the greatest inventions in the history of the world show - and doesn't the audience love it!
Wild West
The Wild West is at stake - can our duelling cowboys settle the score with an old-fashioned trick-off? Will banjos be involved? Who'll get the lady?

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Production Year: 
8 x 5 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $88

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