(Study Guide) The Big Lie

The Big Lie (Terry Carlyon, 2004) is a 52-minute documentary on the tobacco industry's policy of destroying documents that could be used in law cases against them.

It focuses on the initial success then failure of an Australian damages case against British American Tobacco, then the revelations of an insider whistleblower about the company's policies and behaviour, and finally the attempt to use this information in a huge American Government case of fraud against the tobacco industry.

This Study Guide is designed to help students explore the issues raised in the film, and also to critically analyze the film as a medium for contributing knowledge and understanding to a controversial issue - the responsibility of the tobacco industry for damages its products have caused.

The Big Lie is a complex and uncompromising film. It can be used as a valuable resource by teachers in senior classrooms for English, Legal Studies, Health Studies,
Civics and Citizenship, Media Studies and Economics.

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