(Study Guide) Boxing for Palm Island

In the late 1990s, Ray Dennis arrived on Palm Island, fleeing an alcohol problem and a failed marriage. The location may seem an odd choice, as the island does not exactly have a reputation as a tourist destination or retirement zone. It may also seem strange given that many of the problems on the island are blamed on alcohol.

The ex-boxer was seeking a new life. What he found was an Indigenous community marred by street violence, drunkenness and gambling, crippled by unemployment and failed businesses, weighed down by a dark history and dreadful reputation. His response was to use his skills as a boxing trainer to try and draw the island's youth away from a life of truancy, petty crime, 'free-fighting' in the streets, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The film would have relevance in the curriculum areas of SOSE/HSIE, English, Politics, Sport and Media Studies.

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