(Study Guide) Dreamtime to Dance

This story traces one year in the life of the NAISDA college, detailing its battle to survive. The series allows us to share the lives of Racheal and Clarence; mature age students who have made great personal and financial sacrifices to become full-time students at the College. Racheal is twenty-nine which is near the use-by date for a professional dancer. She is juggling studying with parenting her small daughter. She is also coming to terms with the fact that she is one of the adopted out Stolen Generations. She has a good relationship with her white adoptive mother but she knows very little of her Aboriginal heritage and wants to understand more.

Clarence, thirty, is working and studying, he is also involved in fundraising efforts to help the NAISDA students go on their annual tour to a remote Aboriginal community at Ngukurr in Arnhem Land. This is an opportunity for those chosen to experience living, learning and skill sharing in an Aboriginal community. It is an integral and core aspect of their course.

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