(Study Guide) Life at 7

The fourth instalment of the Life series features the ordinary and extraordinary life events of ten Australian children as they learn to deal with life's hurdles and challenges at the pivotal age of seven. The Life series is a penetrating, observational documentary television series that chronicles the life stories of a group of Australian children as they grow from infancy to adolescence, observing their development and recording important life events as they unfold. Every two years the filmmakers revisit these children and their families to gain a detailed snapshot of their lives and conduct illuminating behavioural experiments in the purpose-built Life Lab that give a fascinating insight into their inner world.

This program will have interest and relevance for middle to senior secondary and tertiary students in the following curriculum areas: Health and Human Development, Biology, General Science, Values Education, Psychology, Sociology, Exploring early Childhood (Secondary), Studies of Society and Environment/ HSIE (Secondary), Child and Family Services (Tertiary), Child Development Studies (Tertiary) and Community and Family Studies (Tertiary).

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