(Study Guide) Margaret Olley: A Life in Paint

Margaret Olley: A Life in Paint is an intimate one-hour documentary about one of Australia's best loved painters. A well-known figure from the time she was painted by William Dobell in 1948, Olley's celebrity status tended to overshadow her life as a painter. This documentary puts Margaret OIley the painter on centre stage. Many believe her last works - those painted in the eighteen months leading up to her death on 26 July 2011 - were amongst her finest.

Margaret Olley: A Life in Paint would be an excellent film to show to middle, senior and tertiary students working in Studio Arts and Design subjects. For students interested in the history and development of Australian art, the work of Margaret Olley has a special place. The film would also be a valuable resource in teaching Film as Text or in English classes as a biographical study of an artist's life and work.

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