(Study Guide) Out of the Ashes

The fires that tore through the Victorian bush on 7 February 2009 were terrifying and devastating for the people living in the midst of them. Black Saturday, as the day came to be known, is an event that is still raw in the memory of survivors and other Victorians. 173 people died; 414 were injured; over 2000 homes and 1500 other structures were lost; over 420,000 hectares were burnt; and vast areas of forest were incinerated as 400 individual fires burned in 47C heat. Black Saturday has been designated Australia's worst-ever natural disaster. But this film is not the story of the human victims. Instead, it shows that for the forest ecology of south-eastern Australia, fires of this scale and ferocity were inevitable, survivable and even partly necessary.

Out of the Ashes is a resource that can be used with middle to upper secondary students (Years 8-12) in: Science - Biology, Ecology - Recovery & Succession, Environmental Science/Studies, Humanities and Animal Care.

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