(Study Guide) Rampant: How a City Stopped a Plague

Rampant is an important film because of the ways in which it contextualizes and historicizes the public health policy initiatives surrounding HIV/AIDS in Australia. The film could be used to provide valuable and potentially lifesaving information to young people, educating students to make informed and responsible decisions with regard to their personal health and safety. Discussion around the film could promote sound knowledge of harm minimization strategies and of the consequences attendant on particular behaviours.
The film also offers a rich opportunity to discuss and analyse issues of social and cultural history, and questions of personal identity. It could be utilized within senior secondary classes in History, Cultural Studies, PD (Personal Development), H & PE (Health and Physical Education) and Humanities (formerly SOSE, HSIE in NSW). Given the film's explicit discussion of sexual practices, illicit drug use and prostitution, teachers are advised to assess the material for suitability before screening and to inform parents of intended study areas before proceeding.

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