(Study Guide) Real Life Water Rats

Real Life Water Rats is a four part series that follows an elite police enforcement team from Tasmania's Marine and Rescue Division. Set against the beauty of Tasmania's rugged coastline it docments the work of a highly trained group of police officers as they search for missing sailors, scramble dive teams in raging seas, wage war against criminals and keep the peace and keep the peace between recreational and professional fishermen. This is an honest and engaging documentary that showcases modern police work within a rich and varied environment. The members of the Marine and Rescue squads are as courageous as they are self-effacing. Their job involves risking their lives to save the lives of others, not always with a successful outcome. This film will be of interest to students and teachers from senior secondary school in the following subject areas: Geography, Social and Cultural Studies, Studies of Society and the Environment, Health and Human Development and Media Studies.


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