(Study Guide) Sacred Ground

Kim Mavromatis's documentary, Sacred Ground, shines a glaring spotlight on the terrible chasm of understanding that yawns between black and white Australia. It is a poignant and deeply moving story of resilience, dispossession and powerlessness, a story punctuated by outrageous acts of white insensitivity, ignorance and disrespect towards Aboriginal culture.
Sacred Ground could be well utilised across all secondary levels: in junior classes, the material allows for the development of a strong emotional connection with the central issue, and offers an opportunity to explore a complex conflict with moral, ethical and ecological implications. Students can begin to develop their own personal opinions, situating discussion in a deepening comprehension of the historical context.
For middle and senior secondary students, Sacred Ground could form an important component of an analysis of Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships, Land Rights legislation, and Aboriginal Dreaming, culture and heritage. It could also serve as a springboard into the areas of Civics and Citizenship. Given the wide age range for which this film has relevance, an attempt has been made to present activities with varying degrees of complexity and sophistication.

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