(Study Guide) The Search for the Ocean's Super Predator

The great white shark is widely regarded as the 'top predator' of the world's oceans. Massive, fast and lethal, it would have little to fear from any other animal in the sea. We humans have an unreasonable fear of them. In fact, statistically, they are very little threat to us, but we remain in awe of their reputation. Ten years ago, a team studying great whites off the southern coast of Australia was astonished to find themselves looking at data that could only be interpreted in one way - a great white shark had not only been attacked, but also eaten. What could have preyed on such an efficient predator? A marauding gang of killer whales (orcas)? The mysterious giant squid that regularly battles with sperm whales? A massive cannibalistic shark? Or, even more fascinating, a monstrous unknown marine beast that prowls the southern coast, a legend among the old whalers of south-west Australia?

The program is suitable for middle-upper secondary and tertiary in the areas of Biology, Science, Earth and Environmental Science and Media Studies.
Level: Secondary, Tertiary

KLA: Geography & Nature, Media Studies, Science & Technology

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