(Study Guide) Seed Hunter

How can we survive perhaps the greatest danger we now face - climate change? Global Warming may be a contentious issue for many but there's no argument - some areas of our planet that were once 'food bowls', abundant, fertile and productive land, are now dust bowls where people scratch a living from the dry soil and hope for rain. This documentary and its subject, Dr Ken Street, have a very clear answer. We need to go back to our roots. Somewhere out there in the remote mountains are people who still grow the tough, traditional species of our food plants. These are the 'landraces', the hardy species and varieties that can withstand dry conditions, harsh winters and baking summers and still produce adequate crops. And oh how we need them now! Seed Hunter will have relevance for middle to senior secondary students in Biology, General Science, Horticulture, Agricultural Science, International Studies and Environmental Studies.

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