(Study Guide) Sounds of Aus

The Sounds of Aus tells the rollicking story of the life and times of the Australian accent, described by the narrator, with tongue firmly in cheek, as 'hauntingly beautiful'. The fact that this narrator is none other than John Clarke, one of New Zealand's greatest exports, highlights the film's wry sensibility. While chronicling the peculiarities of the Australian accent, the film investigates the complex nature of national identity, arguing that 'our accent is a product of our social history'. The Sounds of Aus would work very well in a variety of classroom contexts. It has relevance to upper primary and junior secondary English, Australian History, Studies of Society and Environment (Human Society in Environment), and Cultural Studies. It provides an entertaining and accessible forum in which to debate issues about cultural and national identity. It also offers scope for a range of Speaking and Listening, Viewing and Drama teaching and learning activities, with opportunities for engaging exercises on language and the playful properties of colloquial speech.

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