(Study Guide) Wide Open Road

Throughout the twentieth century, the car has been tangled up in the social, political and economic fabric of Australia. It conquered the interior, shaped the design of our cities, was the basis of our manufacturing industry for many years, and created some of our best-loved heroes. The car is embedded in our culture and our psyche. This three-part series explores the history of Australian's love affair with the car.

There are many ways to investigate and study the past and many ways to bring it to life. History is about much more than grand themes of war and politics; it is as much about the lives of ordinary people as it is about timelines, wars and prime ministers. It's about how we live and why we live the lives we do. History tells us where we came from, who we are and gives us an insight into the future.

This series would be enjoyed by secondary students from years 7-12. It offers an exciting approach to understanding a very important aspect of Australian culture and society, something that many of us now take for granted.

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