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Uncle Banjo Clarke, who is also known as Rainbow Man or Wisdom Man among other honoured titles, was a Gunditjmara Elder who touched many lives.

When it comes to offering a helping hand to those in need Australians are among the most generous in the world, but why are our wealthy are among the most reluctant when it comes to giving money?

While debate rages over Australia's border security, there's growing evidence that the greatest threat to Australia's national security potentially comes from foreign computer hackers.

Scott Johnson was a young man with everything going for him - a maths genius with a bright future. But on a trip to a Sydney beach one sunny day in 1988, everything changed.

The story of two unlikely friendships that might never have formed if not for a groundbreaking scheme...

In the ‘70s and ‘80s followers of “sex-guru” Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh stood out in Australia with their bright orange clothes and unusual names.

Charismatics believe through God they can heal the sick, receive signs and speak directly to God in a special language.

Nelson Mandela promised a South Africa based on freedom and equality.

Every hour of every day, our digital interactions are being recorded and logged.

Compass tells the story of six bells rescued from Wales to be installed in a Sydney church in time for its centenary celebrations. St.