Disease and Treatment

This program is about a grandmother whose recovery from terminal illness became central to the declaration of Australia's first saint.

If you could die at any moment, how would you live your life? Would you attempt to have children?
These were the dilemmas that confronted Alisa Latto and her husband Alastair.

Matt Laffan was born with a debilitating condition and little expectation that he would survive.

In 1993, Andrew Denton proved that it's healthy, not sick, to poke fun at cancer.

Much like the brain surgery he does every day, Dr Charlie Teo is a challenging, highly complicated individual. The self described maverick, many patients see him as a miracle worker.

Andrew Denton first met Annie Robinson during the 'Show and Tell' segment on Enough Rope two years ago. That's when he found out about the term 'metastatic cancer': cancer gone wild.

At great cost to his deteriorating health, Bernie Banton has been the face of the James Hardie compensation case.

Every day, worldwide, laboratories routinely analyse human genes to pinpoint a whole range of suspected diseases. Life-saving treatment can depend on fast, accurate diagnoses.

It's a telling statistic that seven out of ten Australians die what might be called an "expected death". In many cases doctors can tell patients roughly how long they have to live.

In 1936 The John Of God Sisters took over ccontrol of the Bungarum Leprosarium for Aboriginals near Derby in WA.