Disease and Treatment

*WINNER* ATOM AWARDS 2006 - Best Documentary Science, Technology and the Environment

This documentary explores the experience of coping with paraplegia after an accident.

Almost half of the 3 million Australians who suffer the pain of arthritis actually have osteoarthritis.

"When you're anorexic you think you're pretty cool 'cos you think you've got lots of self-control and willpower. And everyone else is weak. you think you're a cut above.

Every year about 75,000 Australians hear the dreaded diagnosis: they have cancer. The good news is that these days most people beat the disease.

A member of a ‘raskol’ gang talks about rape as a ritual part of crime. A career truck driver on the highland’s highway picks up a teenage prostitute – just part of his routine.

We visit the Northern Territory which has the largest network of "barefoot doctors" to see why they are proving to be so successful, and why attempts to impose Western health standards on Aborigine

Over 40% of us are on a diet at any time...and we're constantly being told how awful being overweight is.

George Negus with four special segments looking at the challenges of change. People flipping out, freaking out, shifting gear and forging major changes in their lives.

Chronic pain costs Australia $15 billion a year but far from fixing the problem too much medical treatment actually makes it worse.