**Warning - Coarse Language and violence**

Every day, worldwide, laboratories routinely analyse human genes to pinpoint a whole range of suspected diseases. Life-saving treatment can depend on fast, accurate diagnoses.

A story that tells the latest chapter in the life of a remarkable community that has battled with missionaries, governments and the horrors of alcohol abuse.

Compass follows the fortunes of three young men diagnosed with a mental illness who are given a new chance in life by getting a roof over their heads.

The story of Ted Noffs, a maverick Methodist minister, whose groundbreaking work with the young and destitute in 1960s Australia lives on through his son and grandsons.

Youth-driven discussion program, hosted by John Faine. This series reviews situations in which teenagers make contact with the Police Legal system. Drama is used to demonstrate issues.

This five part series explains the mechanisms through which these drugs have their effect, and in doing so illuminates some aspect of the workings of the human body.

In this program Greg Fleet, one of Australia's leading comic performers, shares half an hour of laughter, tears, truth and pain telling his story of when he was addicted to heroin.

Ever felt bloated, tired, lacking in motivation? A kind of overloaded feeling like you’ve eaten and/or drunk far too much?

Heroin addiction is a worldwide medical and social problem that seemingly has no cure.