A follow-up to the earlier Andrew Denton series "Blah Blah Blah", using a late-night chat-show format, and featuring a particular topic for each episode, with comedy sketch segments, vox pop street

This special compile examines the issues around the controversial plan by the Federal Government to intervene in Aboriginal communities. Segments include:
7.30 Report

This special compile DVD looks at the revelations of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated against Aboriginal women and children in some Northern Territory communities. Segments include:

Aurukun is a remote Aboriginal community on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula and like many other communities, it is fighting 'the grog'.

A member of a ‘raskol’ gang talks about rape as a ritual part of crime. A career truck driver on the highland’s highway picks up a teenage prostitute – just part of his routine.

Clinicians now believe that modern strains of super-strength cannabis are increasingly triggering psychoses, depression and anxiety disorders in teenagers.

It’s cheap, highly addictive and ultra-powerful.

How do we deal with parents who are drug addicts or alcoholics? Do we just accept the dangers they pose? Is it enough to rely on rehabilitation services and monitoring?

Through trauma and sickness alcohol kills more than 3000 Australians and hospitalises 70,000 annually.