George Negus with four special segments looking at the challenges of change. People flipping out, freaking out, shifting gear and forging major changes in their lives.

Heroin and alcohol - two drugs with very different reputations. One is feared and one is glamourised.

Catrina Lawrence is 16, struggling but forthright and full of dreams and hopes. She wants to become an actor, an artist, even an evangelist.

Should we be rethinking underage drinking? That's the question experts around Australia are asking as new evidence mounts of the long term damage to vulnerable brains and lives.

What if you were able to vaccinate your children against addictive drugs like nicotine, heroin, cocaine or amphetamines before they were even old enough to try them?

Most people have heard of the illegal drug Ice, also known as crystal meth or methamphetamine.

The only full length documentary ever made about Brett Whiteley, Difficult Pleasure is a revealing portrait of one of Australia's finest painters.

This program features a harrowing and multi-faceted account of the impact of heroin addiction on an average, middle class Australian family.

In 1998 Australian Story featured a story about reformed heroin addict and dealer Terry Walker who had become a pastor reaching out to outlaw bikie groups and those in the community with drug and a

This rousing edition of Australian Story brings together some of the best known names in Australian rock music history - from Chrissy Amphlett to Jimmy Barnes to Neil Finn and Midnight Oil.