Four Corners

While Australia spends millions of dollars to stop the flow of asylum seeker boats, its efforts are constantly undermined by criminals and corrupt military and government officials.

"Burn the plan, burn the plan."

The Articular Surface Replacement hip or ASR created by DePuy and marketed by the Johnson and Johnson company was sold to doctors and patients as a giant step forward in joint replacement.

With access to guerrilla activists and their undercover filming, Matthew Carney reports on the coalition of farmers, local townspeople and even a corporate titan who want to halt Australia's gas ru

Our world might be getting smaller, thanks to technology, but virtual worlds and games are booming.

Child sexual abuse is all too common, but the eagerness of counsellors and therapists to "uncover" repressed memories of abuse can have devastating consequences.

The High Court judgement known as the WIK case turned traditional concepts of land ownership on their head by stating that Native Title could co-exist with pastoral leases.

It was billed as a "victory for the whales". The International Whaling Commission meeting in Korea had fended off Japan's push for a return to commercial whaling.

Australia's well is running dry. The world's most arid continent is also the biggest user of water per head of population.

"When you're anorexic you think you're pretty cool 'cos you think you've got lots of self-control and willpower. And everyone else is weak. you think you're a cut above.