Four Corners

When it comes to generating waste Australians are top of the heap. We are the second largest producers of rubbish in the world behind America.

This program explores the fraught issue of whether, and in what circumstances, disabled people should be sterilised.

They had been warned, they thought they had made the necessary preparations but nothing could prepare the people of Victoria for the fireball that swept through their state. How did it happen?

He's been admired and envied by scientists around the world. His students held him in awe. But now the stellar career of Professor Bruce Milne Hall is at the brink of ruin.

Australia is planting trees. After years of debate about logging old growth forests what could seem more sensible or more worthy?

In Canberra's eyes the rolling scandal of child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities demanded action, swift and certain.

Scientists now fear that in less than 25 years from now, for the first time in human existence, there will be no sea ice in the North Pole in parts of the summer.

It’s boom-time in the worldwide timber smuggling racket.

His present identity and whereabouts are mysteries to all but a select few. When he reveals his story to members of a powerful US Senate committee, he's just a silhouette on a screen.

Every year about 75,000 Australians hear the dreaded diagnosis: they have cancer. The good news is that these days most people beat the disease.