Indigenous Matters

In 1995, highly-acclaimed Indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen recorded the lives of four Indigenous 15-year-olds growing up in rural New South Wales.

A documentary in the vein of Seven Up. Award winning Aboriginal filmmaker, Ivan Sen, recorded the lives of four indigenous teenagers growing up in small towns in north western NSW.

We follow Dr Christopher Anderson, anthropologist and Director of the South Australian Museum, as he journeys north to plan the return of Aboriginal secrets/sacred objects to their original communi

Authorities trial 'Circle Court' for Aboriginal punishment.

No matter what the advances in modern medicine are, there are still too many times when a patient's sickness is cured but the patient doesn't feel better.

In September 1996 a research team consisting of archaeologist Richard Fullagar, dating expert David Price and geographer Lesley Head, claimed they had good evidence that Aborigines had been living

40,000 Aboriginal people and supporters came from all corners of the country - foot, road, train and air – to march in Sydney on January 26, 1988.

Ochres, a dance theatre performance by Bangarra Dance Theatre, was recorded at the sunken garden amphitheatre of the University of Western Australia during the 1996 Festival of Perth.

Herbert Cole 'Nugget' Coombs has been described as one of the great Australians - a man who's work made a difference to the lives of everyone.

From time to time, the ABC broadcast a variety of lectures and discussions on topics of general interest.