Looks at Vietnam during the years of peace since 1975. It is about a country about to embrace the West after 18 years of communist isolation
Pearl Of The Orient

It changed the course of World War II - and the whole 20th Century. But until now, the true story of the Battle of Stalingrad has remained shrouded in mystery.

A half-hour special looking at the seriousness of the Asian financial crisis of January 1998 with interviews with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, David Hale and Kenichi Ohmae.

In a millisecond, on July 16, 1945, the evolution of the human species took a remarkable turn.
Part 1: A Deadly Dose

In Jordan, a team of archaeologists undertakes a survey of human settlement at the ancient city of Pella, in the hills overlooking the River Jordan.

The massacre of hundreds of civilians at My Lai was a turning point in the Vietnam War.

Frontier is considered television's first comprehensive account of Australia's hundred and fifty year land war.

Companion piece to `The Burma Railway' from the same production team, dealing with the prior event of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942, during WWII.

Two years ago Melbourne ophthalmologist Harry Lew began a mission to revive a story that began in a Polish town almost 70 years ago: a true story so terrible that when published in 1948 few could b

Follow 10 characters, including Dacre Smyth, a 21-year-old Australian Gunnery Control Officer, through the dramatic 10-day countdown to D-Day and the beginning of the end of World War II.