For the Juniors

This series of four programs for lower primary science aims to increase an understanding and appreciation of various aspects of the sea.

How many children believe that food comes from the supermarket? This series of six programs looks at what happens to certain foods before they reach the supermarket shelves. How do the crops grow?

This five-part series looks at the ways in which buildings are designed for specific purposes. Taking a technology perspective, each program identifies the reasons behind a building's design.

This three-part series explores the science and technology behind transport. Information is delivered through a lively, friendly rapport between the narrator and an inquisitive animated character.

This six-part series looks at a range of cultural and religious celebrations, with an emphasis on the participation of children in these colourful events.

The lives of working animals are explored in these two episodes.

This program looks at the effects of weather on city and rural dwellers, and at the different weather conditions that occur throughout a year and how they affect our lifestyles, bodies and behaviou

This series of four programs takes a look at the fascinating world above us - space.

This is a unit of four programs on various aspects of personal safety.

This four-part series looks at people who help us: why we all need help from others at certain times, who helps us, why these people are in a position to help us, what forms that help can take, and