Media Studies

This is a ten part series developed as a resource for upper primary/lower secondary English classes.

A hilltop breakfast in Vietnam in 1966, a battle raging below. It's one of three-quarters of a million images taken by Tim Page.

Considered one of the most significant voices of 1960s London, Lewis Morley took one of the most singular iconic images of this period - a naked Christine Keeler on an Arne Jacobson chair.

Acclaimed film maker Richard Frankland talks about his career in the film and television industry and his latest feature film, 'To Hell and Back'.

John Macumba was born with cerebral Palsy in the remote central desert of the Pitjanjatjara Lands.

Geoffrey Robertson, QC, hosts and orchestrates a series of discussions on social issues, using a "hypothetical" format - i.e., an imaginary situation is created, and a selected panel of experts dis

The program begins with a look at some of the career highlights of one of this country's most influential newspaper cartoonists.

Many would argue that few have contributed more to our thinking about ourselves than David Williamson.

Have you ever wondered how the television news is made? Who decides what is news and what is not? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of television news.

Jane Hansen lived a charmed life. She channelled all the opportunities of her generation - education, challenge and adventure - into a successful career as a television journalist.