Mental Health

Under the guidance of Father Chris Riley, former street kids get the opportunity to learn how to tame wild brumbies using techniques taught to them by renowned horse handler Greg Powell in the Sout

Every year about 75,000 Australians hear the dreaded diagnosis: they have cancer. The good news is that these days most people beat the disease.

They might not know it, but the politicians of NSW have some new neighbours...

About 2,000 Australians deliberately kill themselves each year, a tally that exceeds the huge but humdrum toll of road deaths. On average, one young person dies by suicide every day.

Cartoonist Bill Leak has had depression all of his life. He is not alone. One in five Australians will suffer from depression at some stage in their lives.

To its backers, Woomera detention centre played a humane yet crucial role in housing the growing numbers of boat people landing on Australia's shores.

George Negus with four special segments looking at the challenges of change. People flipping out, freaking out, shifting gear and forging major changes in their lives.

An intimate portrait of the life and work of one of Australia's greatest painters.

This moving Compass story focused on ways of dealing with infant death, either still births or babies who only live for a few hours or days.

Walking Wounded is a moving story about ageing WWII veterans who fought as very young men, only to spend the rest of their lives suffering the consequent trauma in silence.