Rural Affairs

Drought boosts his price; rain depresses it. Not so long ago, the water was free for all to use. Welcome to the world of the water baron.

The Liverpool Plains in northern New South Wales has been called the food-bowl of Australia, the nation's most fertile agricultural land.

Imagine being about to give birth, cocooned in a speeding car on a night-time dash to a hospital that’s still hours away, every bump, every brake to dodge a kangaroo sharpening the pain and discomf

This episode focuses on the town of Marysville, 95 kilometres north of Melbourne. Thirty four men, women and children lost their lives in a fire that police now believe was deliberately lit.

In December 1986, two city teenagers, Simon Amos and James Annetts, left the outback station where they were employed and never returned.

An inside look at some of Australia's most powerful families, which reveal the story of some of Australia's great dynasties, the ways they have shaped our society, their private motivations and the

Based on Henry Lawson's short story of the same name, this tells of a woman left alone in a two-roomed bush cottage with her four children, while her husband is away droving.

The tiny NSW town of Cumnock (pop. 300) is hosting a real-life experiment that could resonate across Australia.

World Championship Working Sheepdog Trials looks at country people and the great friendship and respect they have with their working dogs.

When it comes to water these days every drop counts. Australians have a higher water use per capita than any other country in the world.