Schools Programming

This series of four programs takes a look at the fascinating world above us - space.

This series of four programs for lower primary science aims to increase an understanding and appreciation of various aspects of the sea.

This is a unit of four programs on various aspects of personal safety.

This four-part series looks at people who help us: why we all need help from others at certain times, who helps us, why these people are in a position to help us, what forms that help can take, and

Dodley and Flynn, the monster puppets are preparing for their Christmas celebrations.

Jenny's Christmas is a contemporary Christmas story which raises a number of social and moral issues for class discussion in the lead-up to the festive season.

This series introduces the human body and how it works, explores the senses and the role of the brain, the body in action from birth to old age and what we need to do to look after our body so we c

How many children believe that food comes from the supermarket? This series of six programs looks at what happens to certain foods before they reach the supermarket shelves. How do the crops grow?

A four part series on various aspects of food technology.
Cooking Food