Schools Programming

The art of creative writing and writing for the stage are explored in this program.

Waterworks is a series of four half-hour programs examining the role and nature of water in four important areas: biology and oceanography; chemistry of water; pressure density and Archimedes Princ

Vital Systems is a six part series, developed for Australian secondary school students, which looks at the major systems of the human body.

This is a ten part series developed as a resource for upper primary/lower secondary English classes.

This program aimed at lower primary school students adopts an investigative approach that helps children to recognise and understand the use of technology around them.

This mathematics series for lower - middle primary students explores 2D and 3D shapes.

The discovery of gold changed the course of Australia's history, when the gold rush era saw the population triple, the creation of inland towns on what had been vast sheep runs, the end of convict

Produced by ABC Education Television. A series of programs for secondary school classes devoted to basic concepts in science.

Geology as a science is recent, beginning in the 18th century, but its heritage is ancient.

Aimed at Secondary School level we look at a variety of jobs, the skills required, and the process of entering the job market.
The Function Coordinator - The Smooth Operator