Schools Programming

A mathematics series developed by ABC Education TV for lower to middle primary school students.

Music Moves is a series of music programs for upper primary and lower secondary school students which aims to develop musical thinking and decision making with a focus on exploring, experimenting a

This series explores issues that concern young people and presents strategies to help them manage their lives in a way that paints adolescence as a positive time, but one that comes with some uniqu

Kids have great imaginations, which is exactly what is needed in the wild world of invention. Ever seen a Pneumatic Pogo Bike?

Documentary-style series of programs focusing on the use of the English language in various contexts and through different texts and for different purposes.

This is a dramatised series which raises a variety of personal issues to do with friendship. The same set of characters is used in each of the programs, but each program is self contained.

This series for secondary school students explores the technology and science behind our food supply.

This series explores the design process from conception to realisation in a broad range of settings. These programs present working designers solving real design problems.

Through two puppet monsters, Dodly and Flynn, animations, songs and rhymes, Count Us In takes young viewers through a lively and fun exploration of mathematics topics.

An ABC Health Series that encourages kids to know themselves, like themselves and be themselves.